Rio Training and Halifax Send Off

We just finished up a great two week training block down in Rio de Janeiro with our British training partners. Over the first week we focused on boat speed, technique and tested out our Olympic sails. Rio is a very tricky place to sail, and getting consistent technique in the conditions is important (especially on the courses outside the bay). There is very challenging swell that takes a lot of concentration and movement to keep the rhythm over the waves.



In the second week we began to focus more on boat handling and course strategy. It was great to take a look at the course areas that we will be sailing on and start to get a feel for their characteristics. We also joined in with some of the other teams to do coach lead racing.

On July 2nd we made the trip back to Canada for a quick week (we had a lot going on)! After a day of rest in our respective home towns we met back in Toronto for a send of with Sail Canada, Helly Hansen and Volvo Cars of Canada. It was great to get together with the rest of our Olympic and Paralympic sailors and receive our technical kit for the games.

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After a short day in Toronto, we headed back to Halifax for a send off and fundraiser at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (RNSYS). We enjoyed meeting with the young sailors at the learn to sail program and an afternoon on the lawn for a media event. We felt overwhelmed by the turn out, including the Lieutenant Governor, the Halifax MP and many more. Thank you for all your inspiring words.

IMG_1412 (1)IMG_1413 (1)

That evening we gathered at the Saraguay House for a fundraising dinner. The event was sold out and we were honoured by all the support. We shared the evening with the our Squadron teammates, Paul Tingley and the Saunders Brothers.


Thank you again to both our Halifax and Kingston communities for the incredible support we have received over the last month. We are proud to announce that we have met and surpassed our fundraising goal. This takes a huge amount of stress of our shoulders as we head to our final training camp in Rio. We are down for ten days before returning to Halifax for a week and a half to rest and recover and get ready for the Olympic Games! Races start August 12th!

Thank you again!

Dannie and Erin


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